Warning signs of an overheated dog

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DAVISON, Mich. (WJRT) -- While even humans are hot the summer, pets can be even hotter with their full coats of fur.

Summer temperatures have veterinarians warning pet owners to take extra precautions when it comes to their animals.

"Their main way of cooling is panting," said Shelley Shallock, a veterinarian technician.

But with temperatures surpassing 90 degrees, sometimes panting just isn't enough to cool your pets down.

"It's not just your average pant, but really a heckling pant, or they cant catch their breath," Shallock said.

Techs with Pierson Pet Hospital in Davison, Michigan said that dogs will also become restless and unable to get comfortable if they are overheating. Their tongues will also go from a bright pink color to a dark red.

"If they're going to be outside try to limit when they're going to be out there," Shallock said. "If you do it, try to go at the cooler times of the day."

Veterinarians said the pads on a dog's feet offer some protection from hot surfaces, but they can be damaged as well. While humans can wear shoes on hot pavement or wood, dogs don't have that option.

"Check if you're not certain what the temperature is," Shallock said. "Put your hand on it. If you don't want to put your hand on it or your foot on it, then don't put your dog on it."

Vets said the best thing you can do is keep your pets inside where it's cool.