Winnsboro family survives tornado and shares story

Winnsboro, La Flood waters completely covered back roads in Franklin Parish.
The recent tornado left people without a home.
"Everything is gone. Everything that I own is gone," said Donovan Shaw.

He and his family are still in shock after seeing their home destroyed right before their eyes on Ellis Lane in Winnsboro.

His aunt, 72-year-old Besse Lee Martin, was home with her two nephews when the tornado wiped away her mobile home.
Shaw says he took everyone into the bathroom for their safety.
And just minutes later, they were no longer dry.

"My cousin held on to my aunt. And the next thing I know we're up off the ground outside of the yard," said Shaw.

Shaw and his uncle, who lives next door, carried Martin to the police- who waited to take the family to the hospital.
Though Martin had to get stitches, she says she's alright.

"I'm happy to be here," said Martin.

She's not the only one. Shaw's uncle also loss everything.
But this family says one thing they did not lose, each other.

"We have to move on, get rid of the past and get on to the future," said Shaw.

Less than 24 hours later, residents in Franklin Parish are starting to restore their community. But, they say their faith is still intact.

The sheriff says Baskin and Winnsboro suffered the most damage.