City of Alexandria working to clear debris, restore service


ALEXANDRIA, La. (City of Alexandria) - The City of Alexandria is working to restore power and clear debris as quickly as possible.

Several homes, in four historically flood-prone areas, did take on water. Twelve persons were sheltered in the city Sunday night by public safety and Red Cross.

Crews have been working hard on cleanup and recovery, and currently about 200 homes await power restoration.

"This weather event was, by the numbers for water diversion, a Gustav-level incident as I witnessed water levels in each low-lying area and monitored data from around the city," said Mayor Jacques Roy. "Infrastructure, however, performed better now than during Gustav, and grace allowed us reprieves during the storms."

"The outages were driven mainly by those first cells early Sunday afternoon and the tornado knocking out power followed by hours of electrical storm activity, keeping crews shuttered. After the rain and lightning ceased, water receded quickly and crews immediately began work restoring power. Great job to all partners!"