Woman quits job, makes $50,000 thanks to Airbnb

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Have you ever thought about renting out your extra rooms in your home? One Knoxville, Tennessee couple is doing that and making thousands in the process.

Doug and Faith McDaniel have always dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast and now they're doing it.

"We love doing it," Doug said. "We've welcomed people from all over the world."

They've been doing it for three years and love it so much that Faith quit her full time job as an optician to care for their house and guests.

"It's 98 percent positive," Faith said.

Last year alone, they made $50,000. In the last three years, they've brought in $150,000, all from Airbnb.

They rent their single rooms for $89 a night and their two bedroom suite downstairs for $99 a night, and they are booked throughout the week and weekend.

"I think it's awesome," Faith said. "You just need to make sure you like people."

Making sure you like people is her first tip. Their second: make breakfast for your guests, even catering to their gluten-free or vegan diets.

Then, make sure each room has a private entrance and a key for privacy.

Let your neighbors in on what's happening so they are not caught off guard by random people coming in and out of your house.

Plus, have guest rules so everyone is on the same page.

"It's an experience for the guests and for us," Faith said. "We give guests the experience we would like to have."

They're making more than they ever thought and are already heavily booked for 2017.