Fifth victim in Chicago apartment shooting dies

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CHICAGO (AP) — A fifth person has died from wounds suffered in a shooting at an apartment building on Chicago's Northwest Side.

Authorities say the 67-year-old suspect first went into an apartment and shot three men and a woman as they ate dinner. The suspect then went to a separate unit in the building and shot another woman. (Source: WGN/Tribune/CNN)

Police say a 67-year-old man went into a neighbor's apartment Saturday evening, fatally shooting four people as they ate dinner. They say the suspect then went to a unit on the floor above and shot another woman, who died of her injuries Sunday.

The suspected gunman has not yet been identified or charged as of Sunday afternoon. He was taken into custody shortly after the shooting.

First Deputy Supt. Antony Riccio says the man had a history of issues with his neighbors but investigators "don't know what set him off."

Riccio says it's not clear how the suspect was able to enter the apartments but there was no sign of forced entry.

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