2 Cars 2 Winners: The McGowen Family

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2019 has been no picnic for the McGowen family of West Monroe. Adorable little Delilah was born with Craniosynostosis.

The McGowen family of West Monroe plays with their baby girl Delilah at Anna Gray Noe Park in Monroe.

“It’s where her skull is fused together when she was born. So they had to go in and break her skull apart and fix it and put it back that’s why she has a scar. She spent a whole entire week in the PICU,” said Tiffany McGowen, Delilah’s mother.

Nurse Lynsey Brunson had just started at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at St. Francis. She was the attending nurse when then, six-month-old Delilah, came in for her craniotomy.

“The nurses took really good care of her. They treated her like her own and they made sure every single question was answered before I asked it. They made sure I knew everything before it was going to happen so it really made me feel so much better,” said Mc Gowen.
“I was actually in her surgery so to see it for the first time happen just to see how before and after,” said Lynsey Brunson, a nurse in the St. Francis PICU.

And as you can see, the ‘after’ is nearly miraculous. The McGowen’s are delighted that Delilah is expected to make a full recovery. She may have to have some minor cosmetic surgery on her nose but certainly, nothing that can overshadow that smile.

“She is happy and healthy and she’s always smiling. It’s all thanks to the PICU and everything.”

You can buy a raffle ticket to help the St. Francis Medical Center's Pediatric and Neo-natal Intensive Care units by going to www.stfran.com .