100 Who Care NELA

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MONROE, La (KNOE) - This is a group of ordinary people who hold 4 flash fundraising events a year that benefit the local community. At each event, each member donates $100 to a local non-profit organization. Three non-profits present their organizations at each event and then we vote on who will receive the funds. They are hoping to grow to 100 members so that we can raise $10,000 for charity at each of our one-hour events. At our last event, we raised $3100 for SOS Pets of Ouachita.

Courtesy: MGN Online

SOS Pets of Ouachita was formed in February 2017 and seeks to raise tax-deductible private donations to construct a new, much-needed animal shelter. The shelter will be built in phases, as money is available. Our current plan is to build it adjacent to the current facility so that we can begin the project before it is fully funded. We want to put an infrastructure in place that allows for expansion. The first thing to be built will be heated kennels that have outdoor access, along with a cat room and small climate-controlled reception area. As funds become available, we will expand with a new Quarantine Area for sick animals (will promote more rescues of healthy animals), a new Puppy House (to prevent parvo that is so prevalent at the shelter), etc.

For 100 Who Care, you can be our guest with no obligation at our next event on February 4th at 6 pm at Flying Tiger Brewery. We will have live music, snacks and our guest host Friday Ellis will be kicking things off for this year. You can also find out more about us via our website at 100whocarenela.com or on our Facebook page.