Feed Your Soul: The Cookout Food Truck in Monroe

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MONROE, La (KNOE) Food trucks are becoming more and more popular. One food truck owner in Monroe helped pave the way for this new curbside cuisine.

“Shaking wings so they don’t stick. You don’t want any bald spots on your wings.”

Anthony Thomas is Jamaro Hill’s wingman. Literally, he’s in charge of the wings on the Cook Out Food Truck. He’s also referred to as the wing master.

“We take the wings straight to the bowl putting hot sauce on wings. You want to get them wet. You don’t want no dry wings.”

The wings certainly aren’t dry and neither are the burgers.

“Juicy. Flavorful. It’s ground fresh meat. Cooked to order,” said Jamaro Hill.

Jamaro Hill Senior is the owner and founder of the Cook Out Food Truck.

Hill had worked for years at Graphic Packaging. But he knew he had a gift passed on from his grandmother.

“She taught me how to cook from scratch. We didn’t use packet gravy, we make our gravy from oil flour and water. She taught me how to cook everything.”

And no cutting corners. Hand cut French fries cooked golden brown and delicious.

And for those traveling down the healthy highway or Vegan lifestyle, they have you covered. Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised. Now let me say this. I’ve had the Cook Out’s bacon cheeseburger, the polar opposite of the veggie burger, right? And I’d cross six lanes of traffic covered in thumb tacks to get another one of those. But this veggie burger is fantastic.

So Hill creates his curbside cuisine all over the twin cities in this cozy kitchen on wheels. Connecting with the community and feeding their souls.

“Of course, it’s God first then community second is the reason why we’re successful.”

You can find out where they’ll be serving each day on their Facebook page @thecookout318