Make your high-efficiency washing machine work for you

Sponsored - You have a smartphone, maybe even a smart car, but you might be surprised at the latest advances to make your laundry room smarter!

Many GE washers today go far beyond the simple washing techniques of their predecessors. Watch for washers with Precise Fill capability. They automatically measure the load size and then add just the right amount of water based on the load weight.

The appliance experts at Skent N Dent have seen many changes in washing machines over the years, but they say one new thing moms will want to know about is GE washers that feature an option known as deep fill. That means you can fill even a high efficiency washer to the top of the tub when you have a load that needs good deep cleaning.

That option will add an additional three gallons to the precise fill amount by simply holding the deep fill button for three seconds. The wash will be a full 26 gallons, with rinse cycle matching the 26 gallons of the fill washer.

The good news with a smart GE washer, even the smaller amount of water gets your clothes clean because of the high-tech mechanics inside the machine. Understanding the difference between today’s agitator and non-agitator, or impeller, systems and how that relates to water use is important when considering what washer is best for your home.

With agitator models, all cycles use a full 360 degree arc for maximum performance. The only exception is the delicate cycle when an extra gentle pulse is used. With these models, the agitator pulses three times each direction followed by three equivalent pulses in the opposite direction.

With the non-agitator or impeller models, there is a higher degree of sophistication. The machine goes beyond the single 360 degree stoke system, using multiple different strokes, based on the cycle you choose chose, the size of your load, and the type of fabric you’re washing.

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