Never run out of ice again

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Sponsored - Out of ice again? If you’re like many families, it seems every time you have guests, the ice in your freezer just doesn’t stretch far enough. That’s why a growing number of people are opting to include an ice machine in their “must have” list of home appliances.

“There are so many benefits to owning your own ice machine,” said Terri Allen, owner of Trenton Appliance. “Of course the most popular reason comes down to economics. It’s more feasible to invest in your own machine rather than go out and buy all the bagged ice. Actually, when people put a pencil to how much they’ve spent on their ice it just blows their mind because that’s money that’s just melting away!”

“Another advantage to having your own machine is the ability to choose the type of ice you want,” Allen pointed out. “There are all sorts of machines that will make all sorts of ice form a gourmet cube, which looks like a top hat, to the ever popular chewable nugget ice, that everyone’s crazy about, to various size cubes.”

“The main thing buyers want to decide is what they will be using the ice for,” Allen advised. “Then, you will never run out of ice again and you’ll never have to buy bagged ice for another party.”

Allen also advised shoppers that browsing in a store has advantages to purchasing an appliance online.

“When you come to the store you see first hand what you’re purchasing,” Allen said. “But also, if there’s a problem, we take care of it. We take care of registering the warranty, and if there are any warranty issues we also take care of those for the customer.”

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