Feed Your Soul: Willie's Food Truck Park

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Potato salad, baked beans, and ribs, normal. Served deep fried as a parfait? Not so much.

“We just want people to come here and get stuff that reminds them of things they’ve always loved but have it in a different way,” said Mitch Bratton.

Bratton is the manager and chef in the kitchen at Willie’s Food Truck Park.

“When we first started, Tammi, we were going to keep our kitchen very basic and let the food trucks do the heavy lifting. But Monroe is nurturing a good food truck climate and they were busy,” said Bratton.

So Bratton is turning out more unique dishes from the standalone kitchen at the park.

“You may come and find something you like and the next time you come it may be gone. You’ll have to watch Facebook to know when it’s coming back,” said Bratton.

From nachos covered with four kinds of cheese and topped with pulled pork to bananas foster pancakes for Sunday Brunch. The dishes are as diverse as they are delicious. And Mitch keeps tabs on all of it.

He also keeps tabs on the residents of Grayson in Caldwell parish. The chief cook and bottle washer at Willie’s Food Truck Park is also the Chief of Police in Grayson.

“Grayson is my first priority cause the people elected me for that. And the truck yard is a close second. I manage to keep a rein on both of them,” said Bratton.

Bratton has been chief since 2003. But he’s been in the kitchen since a child, learning from his grandmother. Or even getting recipes from other police chiefs.

“The recipe for our BBQ sauce came from the police chief in Downsville.”

No matter its origin, Bratton is all about serving the people, whether it’s behind the badge or behind the basket of deep-fried ribs.

“People just want to know they’re valued whether it’s their business or their support for you.”

For more information on Willie's Food Truck Park, you can find them on Facebook. You can also find other dining destinations through the Bayou State at www.louisianatravel.com. #feedyoursoul