Feed Your Soul: Little Freezer

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OAK GROVE, La. (KNOE) - “Is this the best place to eat in town? Yes Ma’am.”

It’s not a drive-through window but a walk up at Little Freezer. And even on a rainy day, folks from Oak Grove and the surrounding area flock to this little diner.

“I got a foot long cheese coney and Cajun Fries. I used to call on this account when Miss Alexander used to have it. I was the Holsum bread man," said Jim Spikes, Little Freezer customer.

It was opened up in the 1950s by Ruth Alexander. She sold it to Teresa and Bryant Burr in 2005. Teresa passed away in 2014. Her daughter in law Britney helps run the place now.

“I think Ms. Ruth is still here. I think Ms. Teresa is still here. They’re a part of the food. They’re a part of us. A part of everything (tears up),” said Britney Burr.

Britney has eagerly taken on the responsibilities in the kitchen. From making the hamburger patties by hand and the chili too.

“The chili recipe was Ms. Ruth’s. They bought it from Ms. Ruth in 2005 Ms. Teresa and Mr. Bryant bought the place. It is very top secret. What did they pay more for the building or the recipe? The recipe.”

They also wanted the secret behind the famous frosted coke. It’s basically the classic coke float but all swirled into one. And you know I’ve got to try that but I had to have the burger first.

“That tastes like the good old fashioned drug store cheeseburger. Fantastic. Of course, I have to top it off with the frosted coke. We’ll save that for dessert though,” said Tammi Arender.

Little Freezer is right on the square in Oak Grove. Where it’s still a really big deal on the weekends to take in a movie at the historic Fiske Theatre and duck in the diner for dinner.

“You have older people that come to the window and say I met my husband here. I met my wife here. We used to ride around the square. It’s just part of Oak Grove,” said Burr.

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