Feed Your Soul: LBK's in Farmerville has been serving up soul food for 27 years

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FARMERVILLE, La. (KNOE) - “I learned everything from my Mom. Sure did. All I knew how to cook was chicken wings.”

Rodney Kesee has certainly expanded his recipe repertoire a bit since just knowing how to make chicken wings. His mom, Ladney Beatrice Kesee, hence LBK’s, would be proud.

“Our number 1 seller is candied yams, cabbage, mac and cheese, and collard greens.”

“I used to write them down but I got it up here. I do it every day. Same thing every day and it works out.”

Since 1992 LBK’S has been serving up soul food in Farmerville. Rodney left his chicken wing joint in Chicago and moved back to help his mom.

“You don’t just get it off the truck and warm it up. We cook it from scratch. And you got to love what you’re doing. If it’s not right, don’t sell it,” said Rodney Kesee.

From the smoked ribs, chicken and even sausage made from scratch to the hand breaded fried chicken and the oh so popular chitterlings!

“Chitterlings are actually hog intestines. I mean if you analyze them that way you don’t want ‘em but if you taste them and eat them. It’s a four hour cooking process. It’s my own recipe and I try to cook them the same way every time.”

I haven’t eaten them since I was kid. And until today, I hadn’t missed them!

“I am serious. That is some kind of good southern soul food delicious.”

Richard says he drives up from Baton Rouge to get this southern acquired taste delicacy.

“I like them fried. I come up here and try some of this good food. “
Whether you come for the pork steaks or sweet potatoes or the chicken or chitterlings, boiled or fried. LBK”s will do more than just satisfy your hunger.

“We cook from the heart. We cook from the soul,” said Kesee.

LBK's is located at 303 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Farmerville, LA 71241.

They are open for Sunday lunch and not open on Saturdays. They serve lunch only.