Feed Your Soul: Brown's Landing

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WINNSBORO, La (KNOE) “We’re just out in the middle of nowhere and we love it.”

Sonija Brown Dollar is carrying on her mother’s dream. It was Rosie and Cecil Brown who opened Brown’s Landing just off Highway 15 in Franklin Parish in 1979. Rosie passed in 2017.

“I think Mrs. Rosie is what touched everyone’s soul. I truly do and everyone loved her and would keep coming back to see her and support her,” said Brown-Dollar.

“I run the grill. We’re going to grill filets, shrimp grilled fish frilled salmon pork chops,” said Sashone Bell, a cook at Brown’s Landing.

People come from near and far for the fabulous food. From filet mignon to succulent shrimp.

“I’m from Virginia and I dream about coming here to have the best catfish and fried shrimp in the world,” said David Chennault.

Brown's Landing is also known for its fork-tender steaks.

“This is our famous steak gravy. The sauce is amazing on it,” said Sashone Bell.

They say the au-jou recipe is a well-guarded secret.

"I’m not going to give out the ingredients. I can’t be bribed. Look, I have to work here so I’m not going to give out the ingredients,” said Bell.

“I had to have some of this au-jou," said Tammi Arender before digging in. "Oh my word, that is fantastic! I don’t even think I needed the knife. Whatever secret she has that’s worth a lot of money right here.”

The food comes out picture perfect on the plate. While you’re waiting on your plate, you can look at the pictures on the wall.

This restaurant has been a popular stop on the campaign trail for politicians for the past four decades.

“We’re very involved politically, my father was, so it became a hotbed of political activity meetings from EWE to Congressman Abraham. Now it’s just one of those places,” said Brown.

The unique décor doesn’t stop there. The big dining room ceiling is covered with Christmas ornaments, keeping spirits merry and bright year-round.

Whether you come for the food, the festive atmosphere, or fellowship with your neighbors, you’ll never leave feeling blue when you eat at Brown’s Landing.

"I just think when they leave they know they’ve been somewhere special and they felt special."