Preserve the value of your car

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Sponsored - Still washing your own car? While it may seem like a great way to save money, you might be surprised to learn all the benefits to having your car professionally maintained.

According to a report from Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the global market for car washing services is expected to reach $26.6 billion by the year 2020. That growth is being driven by an increased awareness of the benefits of professional services.

First, technology has changed tremendously over the years to include touch-free and waterless washing. That makes the service more efficient but also safer for your car’s exterior. Consumers also are attracted to the services like those provided at Car Wash West, that go beyond the do it yourself car wash, adding superior customer service, convenience and all your routine car maintenance.

According to the Global Industry Analysts report, commercial car washing services reduce the number of scratches and damage to the vehicle surface. Home car washing can often leave micro fine and hairline scratches that can increase the cost of appearance restoration down the road.

While a car wash might seem simple, it is actually a science that requires knowledge and understanding of vehicle surfaces. Your car’s paint and protectant technology has evolved over the years along with developments in material science and chemical engineering and requires professional care over the life of the vehicle. For owners interested in re-sale value, maintaining their car’s appearance over the time they own it is important and also part of what’s driving the demand for professional car wash services.

Also driving the market are efforts by service providers like Car Wash West to achieve high end outcomes and improve customer satisfaction. From increased technology in equipment, to washing supplies and loyalty programs, customer service and convenience are at the top of the list of importance.