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Dylan Robichaud is the Weekend Weather Anchor for KNOE 8 News and a General assignments reporter during the week.

Dylan is our morning/noon meteorologist. Prior to joining KNOE in June 2016, Dylan graduated from Lyndon State College in May '16 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Electronic Journalism Arts. He then went on to continue his Meteorology studies through Penn State University where he earned his certification in weather forecasting.

From a young age, he was always fascinated with the weather. Growing up in Massachusetts, he loved tracking Nor'easters which brought sometimes feet of snow to parts of New England.

"My most notable memories were staying up past midnight with my brother during the blizzards of 2001 and 2003, watching Paul Kocin for several hours at a time on the Weather Channel bring us winter storm coverage."

Dylan started out working at his campus news station, a local cable station which provides hyper-local weather/news to 9,000 households in 14 towns. Dylan worked as a multimedia journalist & anchor.

In his free time Dylan loves to travel. He recently took a trip to China where he spent time hiking the Great Wall of China. Before that, he went to Italy and Greece. His favorite trip, however, is to Saint John in the Virgin Islands, a trip he takes with his family every two years. He is also an avid cross country runner and a Celtics Fan.

After braving many New England winters, Dylan is looking forward to spending time in Louisiana where the weather is warm and the food is excellent!

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