The Surgery Clinic

312 Grammont St. Monroe, LA

(318) 398-2984

The Surgery Clinic of Northeast Louisiana offers laparoscopic and robotic general surgery including gallbladder removal, weight loss surgery, thyroidectomy, breast and colon cancer surgery, and vein treatment.

Delta Vein Care, located in The Surgery Clinic of Northeast Louisiana, treats every type of vein issue, from cosmetic to more complex procedures.

Walter Sartor


W. Bart Liles


J. Patrick Smith, Jr.


Mohamed Bakeer


Lindsey McCready



We know that postponing surgeries can harm our physical health, but how does it negatively impact our emotional wellbeing?

Earlier this year, Dr. Patrick Smith, a surgeon at our clinic, removed Morgan Freeland ‘s gallbladder and in her words, set her free.

“The extreme pain was hindering my ability to do my job, so I stepped down,” Morgan said. “Not knowing what was wrong with me took a toll emotionally. I was slipping into a state of depression. When you don’t know what is going on, your mind can wander, and mine was definitely going to a bad place ... Now, I can function again!”

“Dr. Sartor and his staff were great! The gastric sleeve procedure changed my life in so many positive ways. After losing 200 lbs, I have maintained a healthy weight for 7 years! Do something positive for yourself and go see Dr. Sartor, you will not regret it.”

“Dr. Bart Liles is outgoing and friendly; he made me feel at ease. He was very conscientious about how I felt. I had to wear shorts while he performed the initial ultrasound on my legs, and of course, that made me feel vulnerable. However, he and Monica made me laugh, which made me feel relaxed and comfortable. They are just great people-kind, caring, and efficient.”