Brendon Fairbairn

Sports Reporter
Monroe, La.
Brendon Fairbairn

Brendon Fairbairn grew up in Pueblo, Colorado and studied at Colorado State, getting his degree in journalism and media communication. He moved to Monroe from Fort Collins, Colorado after graduating from CSU.

Taking a sports reporting class at CSU started his career in sports reporting after writing multiple stories about the Ram's basketball team.

Before working at KNOE, Brendon spent time working for Rocky Mountain Student Media, Collegian Television, and the Collegian. With CTV, he got to cover a top 25 basketball team, multiple Mountain West tournaments, the number one tight end in the nation and much more. For the Collegian, he wrote a weekly article about fantasy football and CSU's volleyball team.

Brendon's favorite sports reporting memory is traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada to cover the women's and men's Mountain West basketball tournament. He is eager to bring engaging stories to all local high school teams in NELA and for ULM, Louisiana Tech and Grambling.

You can find Brendon cheering for his Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies and the Avalanche. If you bring up any sports topic, especially with football and basketball, be ready to talk for hours with Brendon.

Apart from sports reporting, Brendon loves to work out, spend time with his dog Teddy and be involved with his church.