Monroe City Schools guide students in career choice

Monroe City Schools are helping students by working with them early to give them the skills they need to have a successful career after graduation.
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 7:07 AM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - It’s Career Development Awareness Month, and for kids, it is a time for them to explore the possibilities of their professional journey.

Monroe City School System is helping students by working with them at an early age to give them the skills they need to have a successful career after graduation.

Serena White is the Co-Interim Superintendent for Monroe City Schools, and she said her focus is to help students explore their career passions. She said kids have a natural inclination for a subject area, and as an educator, she believes it is important to help kids explore those paths.

“List what you’re passionate about. Discover the careers that are possible within those, and then begin to form, you know, what you think your career path would be. We have counselors at our school, we also bring in counseling groups that are career coaches,” said White.

The Monroe City Schools offers courses that direct students toward their choice career field. They offer foundational courses for electricians and businesses to name a few. These courses can even help students receive certification.

White said students can receive college-level credits for classes, and get business experience. The school system partnered with Delta Community College to teach certain courses and have professors teach certain career courses as well. She said no matter the course, she believes it is important for students to learn the basics.

“Today will be different in five years, it’ll be different in ten years. My job is to make sure that the students are getting the foundations so that whatever the new jobs are that come about they get the basics to learn about them. We can’t prepare them for every job that’s going to come about every ten years because I can’t even fathom them, because technology and things are changing at such a rate.”

For more information on courses in Monroe City Schools’, head to their website.