2 Cars 2 Winners: Dickens Family!

After four years of trying for a child, Caleb and Katrina Dickens got all four kids at once.
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 7:52 AM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - After four years of trying for a child, Caleb and Katrina Dickens got all four kids at once.

“A little overwhelming, I think I got a little pale and maybe wanted to pass out, all Caleb could do was laugh,” says Katrina Dickens.

“I started shaking too,” says Caleb Dickens.

They were blessed with quadruplets on January 29th of 2023. Katrina Dickens says doctors told them the chance of having quadruplets is about one in 700,000.

The Dickens Family was blessed with quadruplets in January of 2023. Thanks to St. Francis, they could have their kids close to home.

“That’s us haha, I do think God has big things in store for these babies,” says Katrina.

The chances of having quadruplets is slim and Katrina Dickens says keeping them in past 28 weeks is even slimmer. Toward the end of her pregnancy, she says she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and spent three weeks in the hospital.

“I think everyone was on pins and needles waiting for us to go into labor,” explains Katrina. “I was afraid that we weren’t going to be able to deliver at St. Francis because of the high-risk pregnancy but we found out they have the only level III NICU in the area and that’s the highest level of NICU that they have so we were able to deliver right here close to home.”

At 31 weeks, she delivered at St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe.

“They had the scrub hats for the staff members with each baby’s letter they were assigned and the baby’s had their little aluminum hats with their letter on it so no one would get mixed up,” says Katrina.

The Dickens say their sons Harvey Jack and Clint Davis stayed in the NICU until February 24th. Caycee James was released on February 25th. Laura Lynne was released on March 9th.

“That was tough it really was because you’re so happy to have your kids, but we didn’t get to touch them without gloves on for weeks, but they were just so great the whole time they made you feel like family,” says Caleb Dickens.

“Dr. DeSoler and Dr. Payne they were amazing I can’t say enough good things about them and the nurses in the NICU they took care of our babies like they were their own,” says Katrina Dickens.

Their quadruplets are about seven months old now and growing bigger and healthier every day, something the family attributes to the great care at St. Francis.

“They don’t have any health issues, they’re perfect,” says Katrina Dickens. “It has God written all over it.”

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