Teen’s body found in towed vehicle days after crash

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 9:43 AM CDT|Updated: Jun. 7, 2023 at 12:12 AM CDT
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MILWAUKEE (WTMJ) - A Wisconsin mother wants answers after the remains of her 17-year-old son were found in a stolen vehicle that authorities had sent to a tow lot.

James Stokes’ mother, Kina King, says they passed out flyers and took to social media to look for her son.

“He meant the world to me,” King said. “He took care of me. I had a stroke last year.”

King says police told her Stokes had fled the scene of a crash, but that was false. Police say a stolen Kia crashed into a tree, and the driver was taken to a hospital and then arrested.

The car was towed, but it wasn’t until Monday morning police say someone found a body on the floor in the back seat of the damaged Kia.

“So, my son is decomposed because you failed to look in the car and see another person was in the car?” King said. “You just had the car towed to the Milwaukee tow lot?”

Stokes’ mother says her son wasn’t making the best choices in life.

“Before this happened, I told him that the streets are dangerous,” she said. “You’ve got two places to go, what my dad always told me: Death, jail.”

But King says no one should have to meet an end like her son.

I want justice,” she said. “I’m getting justice. I’m fighting for justice.”

King says her family is meeting at the medical examiner’s office to find out how authorities say he died.

Police have not responded to requests for more information on the discovery of the body.