Feed Your Soul: A place featuring pizza with unique flavors

506 N 2nd Street, Monroe
Victory Pizza inside Flying Tiger Brewery in Monroe is making a name with unique pizza flavors that will entice foodies and more.
Published: Apr. 4, 2023 at 10:05 AM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - There is a new pizza place in Monroe, though the location may be known to many people- The Victory Pizza Bar in Flying Tiger Brewery.

You may recognize the chef, Katie Aker. She has been in the area for a while working at other places. She got a call from the owner who offered her the opportunity to create a unique menu, and she loves the change and working with the brewmaster, James Simpson.

“[He] has a reputation for being a very, you know, by the book and a fun guy to work with at the same time. Like it’s the craft, and the craft beer is not lost on him. He really puts a lot of love and knowledge into everything that he’s producing,” said Aker.

Her ideas for pizza match the brewery and the beer they produce.

“I love that energy. And so I wanted to match that with the pizzas that we’re producing. So craft beer, craft pizza, and I think we’re meeting the mark, yeah. Look at the caliber there,” said Aker.

Kay Bouquet from Winnsboro has been coming to the brewery for a while.

“We’ve been coming here. Probably since about six weeks after they opened,” said Bouquet. " We’re here at least once a week.”

Bouquet says they have tried many of the options, and she gave some suggestions.

“The P-40, the Twin City, the Victory Garden, the Laisse Fair, and the General Claire,” said Bouquet. “I like the twin city, but I like the Laisse Fair too.”

They also offer some great salads and appetizers as well. My wife and I came and decided to try the twin cities, and we loved it. Most people here will love the creation made by combining ingredients that are found here in the Twin Cities.

“With pepperoni, we go in with our house, spicy fennel sausage, and then we top it with that Jac’s pulled pork, and it, just amazing things happen,” said Aker. “The witchcraft that happens when you put stuff into this oven. It comes out crispy and beautiful, and then we hit it with peppered parmesan and our house hot honey.”

After you have the pizza, you need to try the dessert. It is a unique twist on a honey bun.

If you are on a special diet or have any restrictions, don’t worry, Aker has you covered. She wanted those on restrictive diets to feel comfortable.

“It’s built into the pricing, so you don’t have to. You know you don’t have to worry. ‘Oh, I want to get this pizza but. Oh, now I’m the one at the table with the, you know, $1,000,000 pizza’,” said Aker. “Just make it a seamless experience where you can come in, and just it doesn’t. Have to be a big deal.”

Grab a pie and a pint with a unique twin city flare at Victory Pizza Bar inside Flying Tiger Brewery that will feed your soul.