Feed Your Soul: A shop serving childhood nostalgia

"It's just for the first time they light up like a kid in a candy store. It doesn't matter if they're five or 95."
Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 1:29 PM CST
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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) -There is a new place in Antique Alley in West Monroe where you can get your fix for chocolate, Bayou Chocolate. Owner Dean Crowe opened the shop on Forsythe Avenue in Monroe 10 years ago. A few months ago, he moved to Antique Alley for more foot traffic.

Crowe said he loves seeing people’s reactions when they walk into this chocolate wonderland.

“It’s just for the first time, they light up like a kid in a candy store. It doesn’t matter if they’re five or 95,” said Crowe. “They light up the first time they see all of this.”

For many people, the business has nostalgia for going to a similar place as a kid.

For Crowe, it means more to him than just candy.

“My mom passed away when I was 17, so that’s a memory for me of making candy with her,” said Crowe.

He would make candies and chocolate for the holidays with his mom.

Just like back then, he makes a variety of items for people to choose from, and the shelves are filled with so many options.

They offer flavors like dark mint, red velvet, and fudge brownie, but there is more to explore.

They even have caramel and chocolate-covered apples, and one flavor stood out.

I was able to try the margarita apple. Being curious about the flavor, I had to try it.

They help you divide it to make it easy for you to eat.

They even cut it for you, so that way, you can share it with somebody else if you want. It is one of the most interesting caramel apples I’ve ever had, with a tangy, salty, sweetness that is one of a kind.

Crowe loves seeing the reaction of people when they try his creations.

“It touches your heart to see people that happy,” said Crowe.

Head to Bayou Chocolate, where you can grab some treats, feel young again, and feed your soul.