Feed Your Soul: A place where quality is never compromised

1510 Sterlington Rd, Monroe
Off Highway 165, just past the turn to ULM, sits a restaurant where quality is the main ingredient.
Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 11:23 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Off Highway 165, just past the turn to ULM, sits The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill.

“Well, I think the natural attraction is to people in general that I felt there was a serious need for this style of restaurant in 2009. Here near ULM, on 165,” said owner Joey Trappey.

Trappey has been in the area for a while and used to be an athlete for the Warhawks. Trappey is also part of a family that knows good food and the industry. The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill is a laid-back place where people can go get great service.

Manager Hallie Perkins says the servers ensure everyone gets a hello and a smile from the staff.

“The customer service, just the girls always having a smile on their face greeting you,” explained Perkins. “Whether it’s their table or not, someone’s going to walk up. Hey, how are you?”

Trappey knows that quality is an important part of what they do, it is why the food is made to order.

“Never decrease quality to save money,” said Trappey.

“You know, people don’t realize that we home-make some of our stuff, " said Perkins.

They make sure to get the food out quickly.

“And especially with some of our food being so fresh, you would think it would take a. Long time, you know, we’re pretty fast, and our kitchen turnaround time is fast, so you’re in, and you’re out, " said Perkins.

With some menu items, that are important, like nachos.

“Nachos are a favorite. But you have to have all the toppings. We can do crawfish there. We can do grilled shrimp, " said Perkins.

They even make their onion rings fresh, and is one of Perkins’s favorites, and now one of mine as well. It is the same batter they use for the fried pickles. You can also make changes to their dishes and make them the way you want them.

“We can turn any of our burgers and the sandwiches, and you don’t eat beef. We can put the grilled chicken on it, " said Perkins. “That’s one of the girls’ favorites up here that we love.”

Customers can even adjust items on the salads and appetizers. Trappey sat down to talk and immediately recognized the burger.

“Right here, what you got in front of you got a burger,” said Trappey.

I substituted the patty for chicken on The Smoky Mountain burger but make sure to keep an eye on your food, the owner tends to make unofficial quality checks. He enjoys getting to know the customers, it’s how he creates a comfortable atmosphere.

“I really like to interact and talk to people, meet new people, and food was just a gateway there. It bridged the gap,” said Trappey.

Head to The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill, where you can have a great bite to eat, have some fun, relax, and feed your soul.