Caldwell Parish Sheriff addresses viral arrest video

Sheriff allows reporter to view body camera footage
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 8:47 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - On Nov. 7, deputies with the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office pulled over Brandon Dean for a traffic stop that ended with his arrest for resisting arrest. Video filmed by a bystander was widely circulated on social media. The video showed one deputy punching the man in his ribs as two other officers assisted in the arrest. Some people commented on the video, questioning the deputy’s use of force.

Thursday, Sheriff Clay Bennett allowed KNOE’s Rylee Kramer to view the body camera video of two deputies and surveillance video from the store near the scene. Bennett stated that the body camera footage is not being released to the public due to an open criminal investigation.

Sheriff Bennett said the incident escalated after the suspect, Brandon Dean, told deputies he was going to leave, started the vehicle and put it into drive. From the body camera video of Deputy Daniel Wouters, the deputy is seen reaching into the car, putting it in park, and removing the keys from the ignition. Wouters then ordered Dean to get out of the car and onto the ground, stating he would be stunned if he didn’t comply.

“At some point, the guy says, well I’m just going to go home, and tries to crank his vehicle up and drive away, which the officer got him to stop from that thank goodness. And from there it was just the resisting two or three officers trying to get him handcuffed and get him to comply,” Bennett told Kramer after showing the video.

After Dean was face-down on the ground, deputies are seen trying to arrest Dean. Video shows Dean resisting with his right arm while lying on his stomach. Deputy Wouters then deployed his stun gun for the first time. About 30 seconds later, Dean was stunned again and appeared to resist the deputy. When deputies ordered Dean to give them his right hand, he did not and was stunned again.

“That’s what this officer did,” said Bennett. “He used the Taser on him 3 times and still couldn’t get him cuffed, still was resistant, and was fighting two to three guys along the way.”

Detective Cooper arrived at the scene and Deputy Wouters had Dean in a headlock. The headlock was released after they rolled Dean onto his side. Det. Cooper delivered six punches to Dean’s rib area and shortly after, he was compliant enough for deputies to handcuff him.

“He was not punched, not at all after he was handcuffed. They done (sic) use the Taser three times, he did not comply and they could not get him handcuffed,” Bennett said.

Sheriff Bennett said his deputies took the necessary steps to ensure everyone was safe until they were able to search Dean.

“We have to act as though they have a weapon on them until we physically search them and find out they don’t,” Bennett said.

He says since the video is evidence in an open criminal investigation, it will be turned over to the District Attorney.