Area business providing workplace experience for young adults on the spectrum

Questech Daystar Spectrum provides workplace experiences for young adults on the Autism spectrum.
Published: Nov. 25, 2022 at 10:23 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) -Questech Daystar Spectrum in Monroe provides a “first job” experience for young adults on the Autism spectrum.

Questech Daystar Spectrum is a business that makes t-shirts, banners and signs for local companies in the area. The business is part of the school “Questech Learning” that serves as training for kids entering the workforce.

Cameron Butler is one of the main artists who helps with the designs of the t-shirts. Butler says, “They’ll bring in designs and we’ll just fix them up and we have to do it through a color process. We have to make the computer see the colors that we want it to print out, and then we have to put it on each screen so each color comes out on the screen how it should on the shirt.”

Questech Daystar Spectrum offers full-time and part-time positions for those ages 16 and over.

General manager Crystal Branson says, “I don’t need any specific skill sets. I don’t need anybody to know how to do anything specific because I’m gonna teach you everything we do here.”

This job also helps the employees learn personal traits they will take with them to their next job.

Employee at Questech Daystar Spectrum Luke Shurdan says, “It’s helped me get over my whole thing of being a perfectionist, because I’m a little bit of that, or I was, but not so much anymore.” Butler says, “A lot of patience goes into making these t-shirts, because it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.”

One of the most important things that these employees learn is mistakes can and will happen.

Employee at Questech Daystar Spectrum Kentrell Lenard says, “Even though we do make mistakes, but hey, that’s ok. We’re still learning. We’re still growing.”

To help them adjust to the workplace, each employee has adopted a bird helping them with their coping skills on and off the clock. Branson says, “The birds just calm them down and they’re so enthusiastic about seeing them.” Shurdan says, “You never know what happens here because the birds are crazy.”

Questech Daystar Spectrum aims for a fun environment to encourage growth. Butler says, “It’s the best. I get to joke around with my buddies. I get to do something that makes me proud when people wear my shirts that I make.” Branson says, “They amaze me every day just by coming here and getting their job done.”

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