Feed Your Soul: A dash of family and a pinch of history

239 Martin Luther St, Columbia
If you find yourself in Caldwell parish and need a bite to eat, head to Columbia to The Barn Home Cookin’ a place that's a mix between a diner and a candy shop.
Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 6:03 PM CDT
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COLUMBIA, La. (KNOE) - If you find yourself in Caldwell parish and need a bite to eat, head The Barn Home Cookin’ in Columbia. When you walk in, the atmosphere is somewhere in between a diner and a candy shop.

The owner Susan Powe has wanted to do this for a while.

“It was one of my dreams as a younger person,” Powe said. “And I’ve always really wanted, I’ve always thought, ‘Well, I could stand behind the counter and talk to people and enjoy it,’ We had a café called Don Gregory’s Café and he had a long bar there and I loved crawling up on that stool order and one of his hamburgers as well.”

Powe bought the building from the previous owner, Frances Gregory. After 58 years, Gregory’s family was encouraging her to retire.

Powe worked for Gregory and was honored to take over. Many things sold in the restaurant are reminiscent of times in her childhood in Columbia.

“Then we had course the local five and dime which had all your little candies and your little trinkets,” said Powe.

The restaurant is like an unofficial museum for the area because well, most of the items hanging have a story.

“I have a scooter that’s over 80 years old. I have a Shetland pony saddle hanging from the roof. They belong to several different people these days are people that come from this parish. These are people who love this parish,” explained Powe.

The old register and the Coke machine are items that were given by customers. When you go, you’ll get that familiar feeling. Around here, it’s like going to your grandmother’s house and the food came with it. I tried the chicken spaghetti and loved it. It is fork-licking good!

Many customers become regulars. They don’t have to look to see what they want. One regular, Marilyn Warren, loves the food and the people here.

“Susie took it over the same foods. And it’s wonderful. We get the same thing every time we come. We don’t need a menu,” said Warren.

Some of the staff have also been here for a while, even before Powe took over.

But it seems like everyone is family here. When you come, you feel you’re part of it as well. So, grab some grub at The Barn Home Cookin’. Where a splash of history and a dash of family will feed your soul.