Carroll football coaches out on bond after game skirmish

RAW Video shows altercation of the more than 4-minute delay
Published: Oct. 21, 2022 at 4:00 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 28, 2022 at 8:58 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - UPDATE: Sheriff Kevin Cobb says head coach Brandon Landers has bonded out on a $6,000 bond.

The assistant coaches have bonded out on $5,000 bonds each.

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UPDATE: Arrest warrants have been issued for three of the Carroll football coaches that were involved in the skirmish at the Oct. 20, 2022 game at Franklin Parish High School.

The Franklin Parish Sheriff is pressing misdemeanor charges of battery of a police officer and inciting a riot.

The arrest warrants are for head coach Brandon Landers, assistant coach Drouzon Quillen, and assistant coach Zemetress Randall.

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UPDATE: The Bulldogs will be led by Carroll assistant coach Patrick Ford, now the interim head coach for the remainder of the 2022 season, says Monroe City Schools superintendent Dr. Brent Vidrine.

Ford has previously coached at Lincoln Prep, Delhi, Mangham, Arcadia and Bastrop in his career.

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UPDATE: LHSAA has announced that Carroll High School head football coach Brandon Landers and eight other coaches affiliated with the team have been suspended for the altercation that happened on Oct. 20, 2022.

LHSAA says the coaches won’t be allowed to attend practices or coach another game for the rest of the 2022 season.

Monroe City Schools says they plan to appeal the ruling.

“Again, we were sadly disappointed in the actions that took place during the game at Franklin Parish last Thursday night,” says Monroe City Schools superintendent, Dr. Brent Vidrine. “We are also disappointed in the ruling from the LHSAA. Carroll High will appeal the decision immediately to the LHSAA.”

The Bulldogs are set to play Richwood Friday, Oct. 28. The remaining six coaches on Carroll’s staff will be in charge.

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The Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office told KNOE 8 News that arrests are “likely” after an altercation in the Franklin Parish High School stands Thursday night, according to Sheriff Kevin Cobb.

Cobb said he received several complaints about Carroll coaches using profanity in the pressbox during the game. Cobb said the coaches were asked “numerous” times to stop using profanity.

“During the 4th quarter, I was asked to go to the press box to address the profanity issue again,” Cobb said in a statement to KNOE. “At that time, I came into contact with the Carroll coaches. In an attempt to escort them back to the Carroll sidelines out of the Franklin Parish stands, the coaches continued to use profanity, and once coach refused to leave the stands.”

Sheriff Cobb said one of the coaches made physical contact with him as he attempted to get the Carroll coaches to leave. Cobb said fans in the Franklin Parish stands assisted members of law enforcement.

Cobb confirmed that several members of Carroll’s coaching staff crossed the field and entered the bleachers of Franklin Parish.

“This was an unnecessary event that was extremely unfortunate but will not be tolerated here,” stated Cobb. “Law enforcement and the Franklin Parish fans showed extreme restraint. We are very fortunate no one was hurt, especially our youth. The stands in Franklin Parish football games are a family-friendly environment and a place where people can relax and enjoy youth sports, but the individuals last night had something different in mind and again will be dealt with accordingly.”

Friday, Monroe City Schools informed the Louisiana High School Athletic Association of the altercation.

Video captured by KNOE’s Brendon Fairbairn shows several people, including coaches and sheriff’s deputies, pushing and yelling during an altercation late in the game in Winnsboro.

According to eyewitness accounts, members of the Carroll coaching staff ran across the field into the stands on the Franklin Parish side of the field after some sort of skirmish in the stands.

Matt Reynolds is an announcer for Franklin Parish. He said the final result on the field was the least of his concerns.

“It was terrifying,” said Reynolds. “Afterwards I see kids crying in the stands.”

Late in the football game, with Carroll leading, Reynolds said he heard jawing between Patriots fans and members of the Bulldog coaching staff.

“Telling them they had been cursing all night,” said Reynolds. “No one wants to hear that and before we know it, Sheriff Kevin Cobb goes up in the press box and asks them to leave.”

Reynolds, who has been an announcer for Franklin Parish for nearly 13 years, said things escalated from there.

“That is when a lot of loud arguing started,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said three members of the Carroll staff followed the sheriff out of the press box.

“I can see coaches on them and they are grappling while the rest of the coaches appear to be pulling him away,” said Reynolds. “Fans trying to pull them away and then chaos ensued.”

Carroll Head Coach Brandon Landers, who appears on camera in the stands during the incident, spoke to KNOE after the game.

“It was a situation, an altercation with my coaches trying to come down out of the stands,” said Landers. “From my understanding, they wouldn’t let them down so it kind of got a little rough up there, but at the end of the day, we’re victorious tonight.”

Dr. Brent Vidrine of Monroe City School issued a statement to KNOE.

“What occurred last night was terrible for all who attended the game. Monroe City Schools are still processing everything through witnesses’ statements and video that was taken at the game. As a school system, we do not condone any negative behavior from our staff or students. I am thankful for the parents, coaches, officers, and school staff members who took action to diffuse the altercation and protect our students and their families. We have contacted the LHSAA to begin the process of informing them of the situation.”

Franklin Parish School Superintendent John Gullatt also issued a statement.

“Last night at the Franklin Parish game, we had the unfortunate circumstance that broke out near our home press box. We are currently investigating the entire incident at this time. We are thankful that it was contained and diffused quickly by our local sheriff’s department and no students from either team were involved.”

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