Feed Your Soul: A twist of tacos and barbeque

Raging Bull BBQ is the kind of place that brings unique flavors with them, but barbeque is not the only thing they serve.
Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 3:27 PM CDT
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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE) - Raging Bull BBQ is the kind of place that brings unique flavors with them, and barbeque is not the only thing they serve.

Owner Ray Mejias says his food specialty is whatever customers’ needs are.

“We’re whatever y’all need is to me. But what I classify us as is kind of Tex-Mex barbecue,” said Mejias.

His skills come from one state over, Texas. Mejias soaked in the state’s talent in barbecue while working on oil pipelines.

“Man, barbecue has always just been so much fun to me, you know, just getting to try new places out and moving over there. There’s like an abundant amount of barbecue joints. And sitting around with the guys at work, everybody’s always talking about who’s the best and you know what little tricks and stuff you can do,” said Mejias.

These guys not only do barbeque, but they also serve some interesting tacos as well and customers love it.

“They are fantastic that my favorite tacos to get locally are the Tick Tock tacos here,” said Evangeline Stephenson.

Yes, it’s named after the app.

Mejias tried out some ideas at home.

“I let friends and family try it out and most people said it’s too good not to put on the menu,” explained Mejias.

Of course, I had to try it all including the barbeque, the tacos, and the dessert.

The one problem you’re going to find at Raging Bull that nobody will really tell you about and I’ll tell you, is having to choose what food to order from the abundance of amazing options.

The food is great, but the guys who work here are part of what brings people back, and Mejias found them at his church.

“I met these guys through the church. They were needing some work, and I needed some help,” said Mejias.

They love working here, and enjoy what they do with the people they work with.

“You don’t really feel that much stress. It’s not really a stressful position or a stressful job,” said Jean-Michael Brattin, his longest-working cook.

“He’s more than a professional. He’s a friend that will help you out,” said cook Tanner Dogan.

One of the truck’s cooks said they like the community of working there.

“I like the fellowship we have in here and just seeing the smile on people’s faces when they come and go,” said cook Cade Fontnot.

If you want to try what they have, they are not in just one location.

They are in Rayville on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or until they sell out, Delhi at the farmers market on Thursdays, and Fridays at the walking trail in Winnsboro on the outskirts of town.

So, if you want to grab some great barbeque and some amazing tacos, keep up with where they are on Facebook, then track down the guys at Raging Bull BBQ, and feed your soul.