Feed Your Soul: Good coffee, food, and shade

In Rayville, North of I-20 next to Sonic, there’s a food truck in a lovely shaded spot where you will find T.J. Weed with his coffee and eats truck, HeBrews.
Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 10:05 PM CDT
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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE) - In Rayville, North of I-20 next to the Sonic, there’s a food truck parked in a lovely shaded spot where you will find T.J. Weed with his coffee and eats truck, HeBrews.

“We’re trying to come up with some type of play on words because we are faith-based and the mother-in-law, my wife’s mother, actually come up with Hebrews. And as soon as she said it, it was you know light bulb went off. That’s it. There was no other. It wasn’t no question that was what we’re going to go with,” said Weed.

His wife helped with designing and outfitting the truck and they started with very simple options.

“We were advised to stay very basic starting off to not put too much on your menu,” said Weed.

They didn’t want to complicate the process too much.

“We wanted to do food, but we started off and we still are just doing twice a week Mondays and Thursdays,” said Weed. “That’s been very beneficial to us because it didn’t allow us to get overwhelmed.”

The limited days helped them to perfect the food.

Customers John and Heather Powell say the flavors are perfect. John had the nachos, and Heather had her usual pulled pork sandwich.

“It was good. It’s really good,” said John.

T.J. had me try all three -- the nachos, the plain sandwich, and one with Cole slaw and jalapeños. I have to agree, the flavors are amazing.

Powell was able to explain why their food brings people back.

“I just like the way that they season it. To me, it’s not too much it’s not too you know, bland. You know, we like our spices,” said Powell.

They also offer teas and specialty coffee, including seasonal selections.

The journey was all faith according to Weed.

Weed and his wife were in downtown Rayville. “We were looking at the old buildings down there, and we thought it would be a good idea to be down there with a coffee shop. That’s where it kind of all came from,” said Weed.

They decided to start a food truck, but they needed space. There was one food truck over by the Sonic, so, he went and spoke to the owner and found out he was about to get out of the spot. “As soon as they head out, I want my name on it,” said Weed.

Now all they needed to do is find a truck. They did, a 1985 Chevrolet Travelmaster. The truck has a history including a stint in New Orleans where it was used to sell art.

Weed brought it from Texas where a guy used it for a food truck.

“He wanted to sell it to us because we’re from Louisiana. He had a lot of offers on it. And he was pretty much telling them no,” said Weed. “We were meant to be in this truck in this spot, and there was really nothing we could do to keep that from happening.”

For great food, a cup of coffee, and an outside place to just relax, head to HeBrews coffee and eats to feed your soul.