Low water pressure at the Jackson medical mall causes entire air-conditioning system to shut down

Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 10:21 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The executive director of the Jackson Medical Mall says they are making necessary changes after low water pressure inside the facility caused the entire air-condition system to shut down.

“It’s a concealed tight building, and so we have to have circulating air to make sure folks are comfortable, and folks expect that,” said Executive Director Jackson Medical Mall Primus Wheeler.

Wheeler says they started to see things spiral Monday after water pressure declined in the building.

“We ran fairly smoothly on Monday, and as the day went on, the pressure started to drop and started to lose pressure in the air conditioning system in the late evening,” said Wheeler. “Had we got some notice that the system was going to be totally down, we would have gotten a better head start to have our tankers in place.”

The dialysis unit at the medical mall is now running off a tanker that was brought in overnight from Missouri to ensure regular patients get the treatment they need.

Wheeler says he and his staff are now focusing on accommodating their patients and making things as normal as possible.

“We have our porta potties in place. Actually, we have some upscale porta potties with air-conditioners in them. We have bottled water for folks for drinking and gave a system of folks in place to make sure the toilets and systems are flushing and working,” Wheeler said.

But in the meantime, with more hot days ahead, Wheeler says the administration will continue to monitor temperature levels in the facility.

Wheeler says they will keep operating on the same tanker services until Jackson’s water situation is under control.

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