Elementary school principal is hamming it up

Cypress Springs Elementary Principal Mary Wilkes Kilgore hammed it up today by wearing a wig, dancing a jig, and kissing a pig fulfilling a promise.
Published: Aug. 26, 2022 at 6:14 PM CDT
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RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - At Cypress Springs Elementary in Ruston, students filed into the gym for a surprise assembly. They had no idea that their principal Mary Wilkes Kilgore would be fulfilling a promise she made last year, and neither did Superintendent Ricky Durrett.

“I knew they were doing it about 30 minutes ago I found out, so I hurry to get over here to just see the excitement,” said Durrett.

What was that promise? Wear a wig, dance a jig, and kiss a pig.

Students chanted to kiss the pig as it was led into the gym. Kilgore wanted to make sure that it was fulfilled.

“To see that they were glad about it, and they feel good about themselves and the job that they did,” Kilgore explained.

She wanted to try and do something to help the students get motivated. Each student that got mastery on the LEAP test received a brick to color that went into a future leader’s wall. But she felt that there needed to be something more.

“It popped in my head wear a wacky wig, I’m gonna kiss Porky Pig, and I’m going to do a jazzy jolly jig,” Kilgore said.

And so, because of seeing a 3% rise in scores, she did just that, and she is glad she did.

She is looking to her students, teachers, and parents for a new challenge for next year.