Feed Your Soul: Unique flavor creations have people coming back for more

A small brewery in El Dorado, Three Birds Brewing Co., has classic combinations of beer, burgers, and hot dogs, with a twist.
Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 6:35 PM CDT
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EL DORADO, Ark. (KNOE) - A small brewery in El Dorado, Three Birds Brewing Co., has classic combinations of beer, burgers, and hot dogs. But the kitchen manager, Melissa Shipp has flavor combinations that bring people back.

Kitchen manager Melissa Shipp originally had The Barefood Food Truck frequently at the brewery. When the brewery’s kitchen manager left, they almost did away with food altogether.

“He got the benefit of having food in his business and I got the benefit of adding beer to my food,” Shipp said.

The place has even named its beer after some of its regulars, including Alexis Alexander.

“A beer that’s named after me. And so it’s he couldn’t afford a car So he named his daughter Alexis,” said Alexander.

Which is a Belgian witbier, but they brew others that have some different flavors.

“During Valentine’s Day, he brewed a beer with cherry cordials which were really interesting.”

Shipp’s food goes well with the beer. She has a bit of a twist when it comes to food. She has created items like peanut butter and jelly wings and a Buffalo Bacon Bleu hot dog.

Most people who frequent the place come back to see what she has in store next.

“I will admit that I started coming for the beer and I come back because of barefoot kitchen and what she cooks as well,” said Alexander.

Shipp also has a secret menu where the staff makes creations that if you know, you can order. I found out one of the items on the menu is the Barbeque Jac Burger. It is a vegetarian pulled “pork” burger, which is made with Jackfruit and a Beyond Burger patty, and it is tasty.

“We’ve taken that jackfruit and shredded it up and mixed it with our barbecue sauce,” Shipp explained.

Alexander has a favorite food item here as well.

“My favorite food is probably the elotè dog. I’m a taco fiend and I love the elotè and just mixing that with the hot dog,” Alexander said.

They also have one item on their regular menu, in my opinion, is two amazing flavors that make sense coming together, the eloté hot dog. Two street food items in one dish are a match made in culinary heaven.

One of Shipp’s main goals with her food is to make people happy. She says she loves to “Bring people into that creativity,“ Shipp said. ”And so my one thing would probably be for others is don’t be afraid to try the weird things.”

So, head to Three Birds Brewing Co. in El Dorado, take a bit of a chance, and try something different, that will feed your soul.