Food is a flavored art form at this Ruston restaurant

101 Pelican Blvd, Ruston, LA 71270
Trio's Restaurant in Ruston is creating an experience with the cocktails and food using them to create art with flavor.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 10:30 PM CDT
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RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - Some restaurants create dishes meant to bring back memories, a feeling connected to home. Other restaurants, like Trio’s Restaraunt in Ruston, create dishes that take people on a journey using the plate as a canvas.

Trio’s was started in Monroe in 1995 by Jennifer Johnson whose family opened The Rendevous. The plan was to be able to create drink specials and food as art creating a place with an atmosphere to match.

General Manager Laura McCarter wants people to have an experience when they dine at Trio’s.

“I want them to really like feel the like creativeness of the drinks and I want them to feel like catered to,” McCarter says.

She wants them to experience something memorable.

“We want to be like new and fun and fresh and we want to be different,” McCarter explains.

Head Chef Troy Spring helps create that experience through his dishes. He started cooking 22 years ago and realized that a part of creating food was visual as well.

“To me, it’s like art. I guess, like, I consider myself somewhat of an artist,” Spring said.

He accomplishes this by using new and unusual ingredients in his dishes, like cherry plums and roasted honey pearl onions he uses in his Strawberry Shrimp salad.

Fresh ingredients are also a must.

“Everything is fresh. Our tuna is fresh. So, I want people to come away thinking they’re getting fresh seafood, good food. That’s why we make everything here from scratch,” Spring said.

Many patrons love the food and the atmosphere. One regular, Abby Pucket, enjoys coming and enjoying the food. She takes a bite of the chicken panini. “It’s amazing. It’s so delicious. It’s my favorite thing,” Pucket said.

I was able to try the Pan Roasted Herb Airline Chicken, created with herbs and fashioned the way airlines would serve it during service 10,000 feet up. It is cooked through a lengthy process by searing the chicken then continually applying butter and then roasting it in an oven. It is worth the wait. The simple and elegant flavors make the dish something you remember.

They also offer other items that are equally as beautiful and delicious on their menu and can pair it with a great cocktail.

Chef Spring invites more restaurants to the area to help grow the food in the area.

“I want Ruston to have like a culture, a food culture,” Spring said.

Celebrating food and pairing it with an experience for people to enjoy.

Head to Trio’s where it is an adventure.

“Going out of town without going out of town... a little bit different than everything else,” McCarter states.

A place to feed your soul.

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