Tallulah has an internship with Workforce Development that helps pay for college

Students learn critical tools to help them throughout life
Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 6:31 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Tallulah is helping students earn their way ahead. A Workforce Development Program is paying them to learn and for part of their college career. The students are paid to do work for The City of Tallulah. They are doing things like cutting grass, picking up trash, and learning so much more.

“It teaches you stuff like leadership, teamwork, organization, and all types of stuff,” said Joseph Beasly, a Delhi Charter Graduate.

He says the program pays him to go online and take assessments that teach him things like how to create a resume to help him find a job.

“It’s helping me big time because I really didn’t know anything about resumes or how to make my own resume or anything,” said Beasly.

Jeremiah Marshall is another student in the program, and he’s a senior attending Madison High School. Marshall says the program is teaching him how to be responsible.

“It’s teaching us how to grow up if you ask me and don’t depend on anybody else, you only need yourself. It’s teaching us how to work individually and also together too, work together too,” said Marshall.

The Coordinator says the program is eight weeks and it’s paid for with federal, state, and other financial resources. The students are also paid for doing work for the city and students are helped throughout their college careers. Kaufman says the goal is to set students up for success.

“When I say assist, I mean primarily financially. If they need help financially to get into college or to get into a trade school, basically what PELL doesn’t pay for we pick up on,” said Brian Kaufman, the Workforce Development BOARD 83 Coordinator.

Kaufman says the program also helps adults age 24 and up start a career. To find out more click here for the adult program and click here for the youth program.

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