Feed Your Soul: The Tattered Rose

327 Allen Avenue, Jonesboro
The Tattered Rose in Jonesboro has some history being built in a 117-year-old home but has some great food as well.
Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 10:16 AM CDT
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JONESBORO, La. (KNOE) - Just off the square in Jonesboro sits a small gift shop and restaurant with a big history. The Tattered Rose is built from a 117-year-old house that was renovated by the owner Janet Anderson.

“We worked on it for about two and a half years trying to fix it up and then the restaurant part just kind of fell into place that wasn’t my plan,” Anderson said. “Some of the windows and stuff in the doorways that come from other houses that have been in the area probably just about as long as this house has.”

The place opened in September of 2017 where she had light options of sandwiches for people just needing a quick lunch. It turned into something more when customers loved the food but wanted more.

Anderson remembered a place she worked from her childhood and decided to use one of their recipes.

“When I was 16, and my first job was at Danbis, it was on Main Street, and it was a pizza sandwich shop and the head salads and that was a sandwich that we made there,” Anderson said.

The sandwich with ham, mozzarella cheese, and special sauce was put on the menu, the Danbis’ Special. It is amazing.

They have other items that are great light fare items, including two versions of chicken salad -- one with grapes and apples, and one with red and yellow bell peppers.

They also offer some great desserts -- Hershey’s cake, strawberry pie, and ice cream or shakes. It is a great place for those with a sweet tooth.

Regulars love the place, but not just for the food. Tina Chesnut, a regular here, comes three times a week for lunch. “The workers are very sweet... and the food!” said Chesnut.

When you walk in, you will be surprised, but the staff will make you will feel at home.

“It’s like you went to Grandma’s house and eat,” Anderson says. “It’s been fun too because it’s not just the food. It’s the relationships and the friendships that you make because we have a lot of people that come back over and over.”

The staff here treat everyone like family, and always try to get to know everyone that comes in. “Say hey, how are you, and how’s your day? And I hope you have a good day and be careful going home. I just think that’s the way you ought to treat people because you don’t ever know what somebody’s going through.”

So, head out to Jonesboro and visit The Tattered Rose, where you will find a bit of Southern hospitality, some gifts and of course some great food to feed your soul.

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