Feed Your Soul: Beech Street Bistro

202 Beech St, Crossett, AR 71635
Beech Street Bistro in Crossett, AR is nestled back in a small neighborhood and serves up some great food in this installment of Feed Your Soul.
Published: May. 16, 2022 at 11:48 PM CDT
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CROSSETT, Ar. (KNOE) - In the small town of Crossett in southern Arkansas, nestled back in a small neighborhood, there sits a restaurant that serves up some great food, Beech Street Bistro. The owners, Chester and Laura Huntsman, have been there since 2018 when they built the place from pieces of the homes that sat on the property.

When you walk in, the place feels like a southern juke joint. Two sisters, Denise Morris and Sheila Dickerson created characters that adorn the walls inside.

“The artwork and staging made it. We never saw it being this cool looking, and they really took it to another level,” said Huntsman.

Chester has visited many small hole-in-the-wall places, being in a blues band himself.

“This is as much like a Mississippi Juke joint as we can get without an old refrigerator or freezer laid up against the wall,” said Huntsman. “But we kind of have the heart of a Cracker Barrel.”

If you ask him, Chester will even give you a song on his trombone, which sits at the front along with other instruments, including a Les Paul guitar.

Food has also been a big part of his life as well; he grew up with his brother Johnny Huntsman, who started the pizza chain Johnny’s Pizza. He attributes the great tastes and flavors to his staff. But Jeremey Hensley makes sure things run smoothly in the kitchen.

“A great crew of people, they’re the ones who make it,” said Huntsman.

One of the waitresses, MiKayla Browning, says that the owners are great and keep the atmosphere fun where people want to work.

“He’s very interesting. I find him very hilarious, and he’s always got something funny to say, and he really just kind of keeps you going,” said Browning. ”And Miss Laura, she’s so sweet, and I just really adore her. She is very caring and very compassionate towards her workers, along with Chester as well.”

The Crow Sammich is named after a State Trooper Donnie Crow, and it could feed a whole station. It is a large butterflied and deep-fried chicken breast. With lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, it is a tasty sammich.

Make sure to save room for the Zydaco Cheezecake; this recipe originally started when a friend at his church would not give up her recipe for her bread pudding. You can thank her for not giving up that recipe that created an amazing fluffy cheesecake.

He and four of his friends tried the cake. ”Boy, this is good, but it doesn’t taste like bread pudding,” said Huntsman.

All in all, customers love coming to the restaurant where music, fun, and characters keep them company while eating some amazing food at Beech Street Bistro that will feed your soul.

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