Family blasts Union Parish DA for failing to prosecute officers involved in Ronald Greene’s death

“A crime occurred here three years ago, and he has still not been prosecuted. That is a failure by Belton,” attorney Lee Merritt explained.
Published: May. 10, 2022 at 9:13 PM CDT
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Ruston La. (KNOE) - The family of Ronald Greene is continuing their quest for justice.

Greene was killed in Louisiana State Police custody in 2019 following a chase that began in Ouachita Parish and ended in Union Parish.

The family met with Union Parish District Attorney John Belton on May 10.

“After speaking with him, we understand that he believes himself to be moving swiftly, as swiftly as he can.,” Lee Merritt, an attorney for Greene’s family, told KNOE after the meeting. “It doesn’t mesh well without definition of swiftly.”

“I plan to take all relevant evidence and present it to a special grand jury, which will include a multitude of charges,” DA Belton explained.

Greene’s family believes Belton isn’t moving fast enough when it comes to charging the officers involved in Greene’s death.

“This was a crime,” explained Merritt. “A crime occurred here three years ago, and he has still not prosecuted. That is a failure by Belton.”

“Prosecutor Belton expressed a desire to move forward with charges, but said that he had a lack of reliable evidence to count on,” added Merritt. “The initial investigation handled by the state, in his opinion, was incomplete. The federal investigators have not turned over their files.”

Belton initially promised federal investigators he wouldn’t pursue state charges until the feds wrapped up their investigation. Now, Belton says he has recieved the go-ahead, but still hasn’t received the federal government’s investigative file.

“When I swing, I want to hit,” explained Belton. “It’s important to have every weapon in my arsenal to be able to provide justice for Mr. Ronald Greene and his family.”

Ronald Greene’s mother, Mona Hardin, says Belton is passing the responsibility.

“The fact that this blame game has been happening, it’s so disrespectful on every level,” Hardin told KNOE.

Belton understands Hardin’s frustration, but says he is doing everything to bring them justice.

“I have never wavered, not one bit,” said Belton. “I would venture to say that I’m the one that took action to get federal authorities involved, and I’m about to take action with respect to state charges.”

Belton says he expects to receive the feds’ file soon, but says he will move forward with charges even without it.

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