Feed Your Soul: Underdogs Grill and Chill

505 Constitution Dr, West Monroe
One restaurant in West Monroe salutes those teams who have that spirit. Underdogs Grill and Chill is situated on I-20 on restaurant row.
Published: Mar. 28, 2022 at 9:34 PM CDT
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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - NCAA basketball teams are currently competing for the chance to go to the championship game. Stories of teams that were unexpected to make it to where they did are always of note. One restaurant in West Monroe salutes those teams who have that spirit. Underdogs Grill and Chill is situated on I-20 on restaurant row beside some big chain establishments.

Opened by Lindsay Leavitt and Kim Stokes, the place is adorned with memories of underdogs.

“You know, we’ve kind of considered ourselves underdogs, you know. So it was kind of a fitting name for a restaurant. It fits into sports, you know, everybody loves an underdog,” said Leavitt.

The two have worked in corporate-run establishments for years and decided to take a chance when they opened their own place.

“This was kind of an opportunity for us; with all the experience that we have to do things our way and do things the way we like to do them; not the way we were told to do them,” said Leavitt. “We’re not in a corporate environment where we’re locked down to a certain menu,” Stokes adds.

That versatility allows them to get suggestions from customers and use them in their menu. They have items; like the build your own quesadilla, that are customer inspired.

I tried a few items, like the Crawfish Taters and the Blackened Catfish, and they are amazing. Yet, one item was a challenge - The Grand Slam Burger: three four-ounce patties, three types of cheese, all topped with crawfish tails; it’s a burger where everyone is the underdog.

The food is not the only thing that is bringing customers back. It is how they are attentive to the customers. One customer loves how the manager came and sat with her. “It was just me and my daughter. He was out of town. It was me, my two daughters, and we were sitting at a table, and she just came up and sat there sat on our table and talked to us, and was just extremely friendly,” said Miranda Cage, now a regular.

They have many types come to their restaurant. “Our clientele is very diverse. We don’t have just a certain group of people that come in,” said Stokes.

They also use local vendors whenever possible; growing that community feel. ”We support our community because our community supports us,” said Stokes.

So head out and support the local team, where they have dishes with a Louisiana twist, and root for the Underdogs that will feed your soul.

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