Talking Trash: Louisiana Lt. Gov. says it’s time to ‘embarrass’ litterers

KNOE Exclusive: Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser discusses his new role as Chairman of Louisiana’s Litter Abatement and Beautification Task Force.
Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 6:14 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser is talking trash. He says Louisiana’s trash problem is so bad, it’s costing the state business and tourism revenue.

“Louisiana has more trash than ever,” Nungesser told KNOE.

Nungesser was appointed the Chairman of Louisiana’s Litter Abatement and Beautification Task Force.

“I believe people have become numb to how beautiful our state is,” Nungesser explained to KNOE’s Tyler Englander. “I also believe in areas of the state it’s become acceptable that we are going to have trash, and it’s unacceptable.”

Nungesser says his office will deploy a three-pronged approach to reducing trash, starting with adding angled trash cans around the state.

“I’d love to see those on our state highways,” Nungesser said. “On the entrances to our interstates. I want the local parishes or cities to keep them empty, put on a new rubber band, and empty the bag.”

Nungesser deployed a similar strategy as Parish President in Plaquemines. He said it reduced waste by 92%. The Lieutenant Governor also calls for an all-out education blitz to reach the next generation.

“The other thing I am asking every elected official to go speak as much as they can in the schools and ask them for their help,” explained Nungesser.

If that doesn’t work, Nungesser says it’s time to embarrass those who treat the state like a trash can.

“If you can’t afford to pay the fine and you get a ticket, put them out there with a vest,” Nungesser urged. “I littered, so I am picking up litter.”

Nungesser’s office will submit a report to Governor Edwards on the litter crisis by July 1st.

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