Progressive activist Gary Chambers announces run for Sen. John Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat

Chambers believes President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will decrease poverty in Louisiana.
Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 10:11 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A Baton Rouge native is seeking to become Louisiana’s next United States Senator. Activist Gary Chambers is running to unseat John Kennedy, who has already announced he will seek reelection.

Chambers is the second Democrat to enter the race after former Navy fighter pilot Luke Mixon announced his candidacy in October.

“We don’t have big ideas in America anymore,” explained Chambers. “We are the country that sent a man to the moon, but we don’t feel like we can create more jobs and diversify our economy.”

In 2021, Chambers sought election in Lousiana’s Second Congressional District but finished in third with 21% of the vote. He says President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan is key to improving Louisiana’s education system.

“We need universal pre-K in America,” Chambers told KNOE Political Reporter Tyler Englander. “We need to make sure that early childhood development is fully funded from the federal level so that kids in every corner, in rural Louisiana, in big cities, and small towns, have the opportunity at the earlier of ages to get an education, to get a head start.”

Chambers argues Senator Kennedy’s refusal to vote for Biden’s agenda hurts Louisiana families. He says failing to pass the President’s BBB plan will end the child tax credit.

“That’s helping bring people out of poverty right now,” said Chambers. “Families getting those checks that don’t make as much money. Being able to help their families and being able to put food on the table for their kids. Then that allows them to make other decisions with the money they are going out to work for.”

Chambers added that ending poverty starts with employers fairly compensating their workers.

‘We’ve also got to make sure that we raise the minimum wage in this country,” explained Chambers. “Too many people in this country work two or three jobs and still aren’t able to make ends meet.”

Chambers believes his ability to fundraise makes him the most viable Democrat in the race. Election day is Nov. 8.

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