Monroe area COVID hospitalizations triple over one week

The Monroe area has seen a new spike in hospitalizations related to the coronavirus.
The Monroe area has seen a new spike in hospitalizations related to the coronavirus.(NBC12)
Published: Dec. 29, 2021 at 12:46 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The Monroe area has seen a new spike in hospitalizations related to the coronavirus.

On Dec. 21, 2021, the Monroe area reported 17 COVID positive hospitalizations. On Dec. 28, the latest number available, 53 COVID-positive patients are in hospitals.

That’s an increase of about 300% over last week. The positivity rate in Region 8 (Northeast Louisiana) has risen above 6% for the first time since September. That’s from the dates of Dec. 16 to Dec. 22, the latest data available.

The Omicron variant is believed to be behind many of these cases. So far, Omicron has proven to spread faster and more easily than previous variants, but doesn’t seem to be as potent as Delta was.

Still, COVID can be dangerous, especially for older folks with compromised immune systems. Even fully vaccinated people are contracting the virus more easily than before, but officials say a booster shot has proven very effective at combating the spread and severity of Omicron.

Keep in mind that age and health will factor into a person’s vulnerability to the virus, regardless of vaccination status. In Northeast Louisiana, all adult age groups have seen a spike in case count recently. Children have not.

A news release issued by the Louisiana Dept. of Health detailed the latest statewide trends:

Since yesterday, 9,378 new #COVID cases have been reported to the state. That’s out of 45,797 tests. 659 people are hospitalized, the majority of those are not fully vaccinated.

This update includes new cases among all age groups, with the largest shares among those ages 18-29 (24%) and ages 30-39 (20%).

This update includes new cases across all regions of the state, with 22% coming from Region 1 (Greater New Orleans), 15% coming from Region 2 (Baton Rouge) and 14% coming from Region 7 (Northwest).

Of these new cases reported to us since 12/28, 98.8% are tied to community spread rather than congregate settings.

Tragically, we report 6 additional #COVID deaths reported to the state since 12/28.

Since 12/16, COVID-19 hospitalizations have more than tripled. Vaccines protect you against hospitalization and death from #COVID19. Call the vaccine hotline to learn more about the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine: 1-855-453-0774. Find a vaccine here:

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