NELA mother nearly dies giving birth due to blood supply shortage

The available blood gave her a second chance at life
Published: Dec. 9, 2021 at 6:33 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A continuing blood shortage in north Louisiana is affecting critical medical care in the area, but back in September, a West Monroe mother almost died while giving birth to her baby girl. The doctors say she lost 90 to 95 percent of her blood three times within 24 hours and with the blood shortage, they didn’t think she would survive.

The doctors say Kacie Everette had a spontaneous uterine rupture. It affects less than one percent of pregnant women in the U.S., but without the blood supply, women can’t survive. Kacie says she was healthy throughout her whole pregnancy, and the Everette family was preparing for their fourth child, but what seemed like a normal delivery turned into a near-death experience.

“We were told that they didn’t have any more blood products left. If anything should happen; so we had to go to Shreveport because they had some blood,” said Matthew Everette, Kacie Everette’s husband.

He says he was devastated at the thought of possibly losing his wife or child, and he never thought the hospital would run out of blood. In his wife’s condition, it was a life or death situation.

“The cervix was detached from the uterus which creates a baseball-sized hole. Normally, the success rate isn’t very good,” said Everette.

Kacie survived, and the Everette family is grateful they are able to spend their first Christmas with their baby girl, but Matthew says this situation helped him understand the importance of donating blood. The Regional Director Brandon Baker of LifeShare Blood Center in Monroe says this is only one story of how blood is used to save lives.

“This story is really unique because this is a family that was going into a hospital to give birth to a new life. They almost lost so much, and the importance of making sure the blood products are there is something we want to do everything that we can to bring awareness to our community,” said Baker.

Lifeshare Blood Center is responsible for supplying blood for the majority of Louisiana, Arkansas, and some parts of Texas. Baker says during the holiday season, many people stop donating, but they are in constant need of supplies. You can visit LifeShare Blood Center in Monroe located at 2909 Kilpatrick Blvd., or click here to find a location in your area.

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