Feed Your Soul: The Walking Pig

139 Plank Rd, St. Joseph, LA 71366
The owners of The Walking Pig in St. Joseph have a story about their journey to help their hometown that will feed your soul.
Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 8:13 PM CST
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ST. JOSEPH, La. (KNOE) - The town of St. Joseph has been seeing a revival of their main street, Plank Road, this year. Businesses have been coming to the area to revitalize the feel of downtown. One restaurant, The Walking Pig, has people buzzing. Owners Stacey and Jessica Mobley decided to relocate here despite having a successful southern fare restaurant in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The journey started when Jessica asked her husband for some help. “She started working for a tea room as a pastry chef and she brought me in to teach me bread,” said Stacey.

Stacey left his video production job, and from there, they started a food truck, Delta Bound. “We started as a food truck and then went to brick and mortar,” Stacey recalls.

In the back of their mind, there was always a calling to come back to where they grew up. “We would love to move back home if the opportunity ever presented itself,” said Jessica.

Back in 2016, the residents here went through some hard times. “The state had to deliver water to this very community. And so it was looking like it was going to be a ghost town,” said Leslie Durham, the Delta Regional Authority Alternate Chairwoman.

Speaking to friends and family, they heard their hometown needed help. “People were kind of doing this revitalization,” said Jessica.

So they packed up and headed back to St. Joseph. “We wanted to come back, figure out how we could do this, and be able to get back to the community,” said Stacey. “That was our biggest thing because we’re from here. So we want it to do well.”

With multiple people telling me about the place, I had to go and find out for myself. “You are not going to be disappointed I promise,” said Durham.

Most items are made from scratch, even the buns on the burgers. The place feels comfortable, with mirrors lining the walls, with the mahogany wood bar, it has a warm feel where families can grab a bite to eat.

They were spot on, the food is amazing, the Big Pig burger has two patties and two seared pieces of pork belly, cajun aioli, and pickled onions. The burger left me speechless. Leave some room for dessert; from homemade hummingbird cake to fudge pie, you want to make sure you grab an extra fork.

This is why the food isn’t the only thing that makes this place special. Stacey and Jessica make sure when you head out there, they will feed your soul.

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