Christmas tree farms expecting high sales this year

Christmas tree farmers are ready for families to trim the trees
Published: Nov. 27, 2021 at 10:16 AM CST
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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE) - Now that people are cleaning up Thanksgiving, most have started singing carols, signs that the Christmas season is gearing up. Families are beginning to put up decorations and the tree. This year, experts were anticipating that the tree supply would be below demand; Glenn Pepper said that they sold just over 700 trees last year. Bently Curry of Curry Farms says that the anticipated supply issue was from a reduction in tree planting in other states.

“Pacific Northwest a few years ago, the price dropped on trees, and they took down a lot of acreages and planted filberts,” said Cury.

He explained that nuts take a shorter amount of time to mature, which means the money is in their hand faster for those farmers. “It takes us three to four years to grow tree seven highest to about nine feet tall, and the ten to 12, and 14 footers, you add an extra year onto that,” says Curry.

Even with supply from other areas being low, the local tree farms expect more families to head out and select fresh-cut trees this season. Curry said, “We’re seeing a lot of people who have previously bought plastic trees which are wanting real trees this year.”

The longevity of a fresh-cut tree is why people tend to make the change. Pepper says you can’t put a price on starting a new tradition. “I would just say you’re going to get a fresher tree out here,” says Pepper.

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