Several children were injured in a school bus fight in Union Parish

Parent concerned about her children's safety
Published: Nov. 17, 2021 at 6:31 PM CST
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FARMERVILLE, La. (KNOE) - A school bus fight resulted in a broken arm, head injury, and suspensions. It happened in Union Parish last Tuesday, Nov. 9. One parent says she’s outraged because she was never told her daughters were involved.

Rochelle Wolford says no one at D’Arbonne Woods Charter ever contacted her and now she’s demanding a meeting to find out why. Wolford says school officials were shocked themselves saying the school bus supervisor didn’t tell them what happened and that the information was released by students.

She says once school officials learned about it and investigated, they called parents to say their child was suspended or expelled. Wolford says the fight could have been deadly due to the severity of some children’s injuries.

“Two of them actually got injured, thankfully my youngest one. It’s sad to say she only got hit in the face. My other daughter has a broken arm and head injury. I have been back-and-forth with the school board talking to the bus supervisor Dr. Lindsay. I did hear from him that they don’t have a policy in place for things like this. As I told the principal and the dean of students, have these people not stepped in, we could be looking at a murder,” said Wolford, a parent.

The school bus supervisor Robby Lindsay says a senior, a more experienced driver, has been put on that route. Plus, they’re enforcing their seating chart. On top of that, he says schools have suspended the students involved in the fight and they’re working to develop a better way of communicating with parents. Now some parents say they plan to press charges.

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