A local church raises awareness about teen violence

A Rayville Head Coach lost two teenagers to gun violence
A Rayville Head Coach lost two teenagers to gun violence(KNOE)
Published: Nov. 14, 2021 at 6:48 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - New Beginnings Baptist Church in Rayville addressed violence in the community. It was a part of the Annual All-Sports Day that invites Rayville athletes to attend church. They talked about how the community is trying to put a stop to crime. Youth violence is growing throughout the communities.

“Samiria died three days before my birthday. My other daughter was like your girls got shot. I was like what. When they brought me to the hospital and took me to a side I have never been on, I knew what was going on, and that one right there, was a monster to me but the church is what helped me,” said DeShawne Logan, the Rayville Jr. High Football Head Coach.

Logan is talking about the night his daughter was killed in a drive-by shooting earlier this year. He recalls her being an innocent bystander. Last month, Logan’s son was shot and killed while attending Grambling homecoming.

“I held his hand when he left me. We always used to do a handshake. We would rub the middle of our palms and he grabbed my palm and he took his last deep breath,” he said.

Logan says prayer and counseling are helping him make it through during these difficult times. Pastor Harold McCoy says it’s important to know how gun violence affects families. That’s why he held this service and his goal is to get the youth to give their lives to Christ and stop the violence.

“I want the kids to know that you can come to us. Talk to us before you go and do something violent. Before you go and do something crazy that’s going to alter your life for the rest of your life, come to us and talk to us,” said Pastor Harold McCoy, the New Beginnings Baptist Church Pastor.

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