La. mom still missing 6 months after her disappearance

It’s been six months since Tabitha Queen was reported missing in Bastrop.
Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 8:59 PM CST
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BASTROP, La. (KNOE) - It’s been six months since Tabitha Queen was reported missing in Bastrop. Her kids last saw her when she was heading to the grocery store on May 10, 2021. By May 11, she was reported missing.

Tabitha’s mother, Mary Lunford, is outright sad and angry. She says it’s been months since she heard from the Bastrop Police Department. Meanwhile, police say they don’t have suspects, but they do have a person of interest.

Bastrop police say Tabitha Queen was last seen on video at the Save-U-More grocery store on May 9, 2021.

Her mother lives in San Antonio and says that same day Tabitha called to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

“There were two men in the car with her and I asked her who was she talking to and she was like, ‘Uh, mom I got to go,’ and I was like, ‘What you mean you got to go? And she hung up the phone. I called right back and her phone went to voicemail,” Lunford said.

Tabitha’s 11-year-old daughter Alice, says her mom was arguing with a man she loaned her car to a few days prior to her disappearance. Tabitha’s mom says things then got violent.

“She says two guys came over and one of the guys was using her car and he was just using her for her car and said that she asked him, ‘What was the smell in the car?’ She looked back where the spare tire goes and there was blood back there,” Lunford said.

According to Alice, her mom saw the blood and she told the man he couldn’t use her car anymore and he replied, “b****, I’m going to kill you.” Later that day, a van came by the house and someone tried to take Tabitha.

Mary believes some of Tabitha’s friends know what happened to her. She hasn’t heard from police since September, ever since Keesonya Lynch was taken off the case.

“They need to put Kiki back on that case cause Kiki was handling her business,” Lunford said. “They took her off the case. The rest of the police up there, they didn’t even care.”

“Get the FBI involved. I want to know why they won’t get the FBI involved,” Lunford said.

Assistant Chief DeWayne Reed said they’re waiting on material evidence to come back from the crime lab, which he thinks will answer many questions. So he doesn’t see a need to involve the FBI because they have it handled.

Reed couldn’t comment on the evidence, but back in June, we reported DNA swabs from Queen’s car were taken to the crime lab.

There’s also a video of a black male who’s yet to be identified. He was seen getting out of her car on West Pine and walking east. A search of the area came up empty.

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