Feed Your Soul: Seventh Square Coffee Co.

311 Wood St, West Monroe, LA 71291
Seventh Square Coffee Co. owner Nick Carlson goes further to help with his coffee.
Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 6:54 PM CST
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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The morning routine for many people often starts with a cup of coffee while checking the news or getting the kids ready for the day. Yet, the thought about how coffee is made and how it gets into their favorite mug, but Nick Carlson is different. “I just started looking at my morning cup of coffee and going; Where does this come from? Who’s growing this? How’s it getting here? How’s it being processed? How does it get roasted?” asked Carlson.

Seventh Square Coffee Co. recently moved from the West Monroe Farmers’ Market into a permanent location at 311 Wood St. in West Monroe with For His Temple Foods. The move was initiated from a bag of coffee. “We’ve known Dana for a long time, and I was introducing her to what I was doing, and initially, I just brought her a bag of coffee,” said Carlson.

He has seasonal specials like Burbon Carmel Latte and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte, to standards like a cappuccino, cortado, and an Americana. Carlson’s favorite is a cappuccino. “It’s just so pleasant on all fronts. It’s, you know, espresso, a little bit of milk,” says Carlson, “It’s still coffee forward, and you can tell what coffee your drinking.”

The coffee roasting was because, in his research, he found he could help people in where he got his coffee and how it was farmed. He wanted to place a new standard on his coffee business. “The standard we’re, or the level of excellence we are trying to achieve, we want to be as ethical as possible and as true to, just, goodness as possible while we’re doing this,” Carlson expressed.

If you are looking for a cup of coffee that will warm you up in your body and spirit, head to Seventh Square Coffee and feed your soul.

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