Ohio family ‘scared to death’ over stalker, creepy notes

Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 2:34 AM CDT
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) - An Ohio family says a stalker has been watching their house for weeks, pounding on their doors and windows and taunting them with creepy notes, some reading “I’m watching you.”

Candace Gardner hasn’t had a good night’s rest since she first spotted a creeper leering at her last month through the windows of her Columbus, Ohio, home.

“He was… on the edge of the pond, and I was just watching TV and made eye contact with him,” she said. “I’m scared to death, honestly. It really does scare me. We sleep with a gun.”

Candace Gardner and her husband, Billy Gardner, put up surveillance cameras after a second incident. The stalker was seen crouched by the couple’s bedroom window.

“I could draw his face. He’s bald. He’s got, like, maybe hazel eyes. Very buff, bodybuilder type, probably early 30s,” Gardner said.

With two boys to care for, the Gardners went to police, filing multiple reports, after they started finding notes with smiley faces and messages like “I’m watching you” and “Hello pretty.” There have been at least seven notes so far.

“After we put up the cameras, he still found a way to get notes to us by taping them to rocks and then standing outside the perimeter view of the cameras and throwing them at us,” Billy Gardner said.

The creeper also has been pounding on the windows and doors at all hours. The couple dreads what could be coming next.

“It’s like this person just doesn’t care about his cheap thrill. It seems like when somebody does something like this, they get the thrill, and they keep on doing more and more,” Billy Gardner said.

The Gardners say they can’t imagine who would target them or why.

Candace Gardner says the whole incident has been traumatizing. She and her husband want to create awareness to make sure no others in the area are dealing with the same thing.

“Seeing if anybody else has seen the same creepy notes with the smiley face, if there is any kind of pattern to this,” Billy Gardner said.

Officers say the couple is taking the right steps in the case. Police will be increasing patrols in the neighborhood, and they are checking to see if these incidents match any other cases.

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